September 16, 2006

I like cool beverages

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I cannot believe that NBC and CBS have the nerve to make season premiere week the week I’ll be in LA.  I mean, wtf?  I’m like their biggest fan and I’m going to miss all of the premires because I’ll be having stupid fun and in stupid sunny California.  I’m sorry that I won’t be a loser on my couch for a week for once.  Like the most important week in the enitire season of fall.  I have to tape them, and that’s just not as fun.

Greg did his man hobby today and made beer.  I really hope that it tastes better in a few weeks after it forments cuz it tastes like shit right now.  I don’t want to have to drink like 4 cases of nasty beer!  I guess it’ll still get ya drunk and that is why we drink it after all…

3 days and I’ll be in LA, weird.  I cleared like 600 pictures off my memory card and I’m going to fill it all up, I can’t wait.


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  1. supermarni said,

    haha OHMAGOD NO!
    not the premiere week!

    not that we have one of those in nz. but anywhoooo.
    You have to see the first show of a season, or else what is the point??

    BUt look at it this way… TV………………. Los angeles.

    UM LA.

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