September 4, 2006

Tales from the bar

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Last night I got real drunk!  yippee.  But that’s not important because I have no funny drunk story about me, I got drunk with the intent to go out with friends, but had forgotten that I had a family picnic today.  So I went home and sat on the couch, drunk da’ing and myspacing.  I hate doing that.  As I was closing up my good ‘ol pal Jed was on his way to getting extremely plastered. I had a feeling it was going to be one of those crazy nights for him.

So he comes in tonight, regret written all over his face.  Says “I’m only having one”.  Riiiight-o, he ended up getting totally wasted again.  He tells me that after leaving ‘Buggs last night (Buggs is my bar)  he went to another bar, met up with some chick, got hammered and then drove home.  Stupid ass went off the road and ended up in a mud pit!  The chick was following in her car, so he hops in with her and gets his dad’s truck to pull his truck out the mudd.  He makes her drive his car out, she gets covered in mud.  Eventually they get back to his house, mud everywhere, they drink some more, smoke some weed and….Jed doesn’t know!  He has no idea if they slept together or anything.  He totally blacked out and barely remembers anything from the night, just bits and pieces here and there.  He’s so funny.  I hate that he drove and I think it’s really dumb, but that’s not my business.
He has the gal’s number totally crazy scrawled on the piece of paper and we spent like 30 mins tonight trying to deceifer this number. Jed says “This is like the fucking Davinci Code man”  I was hysterical.  We have the most retarded conversations that I’ve ever had with anyone.  We were like almost literally ROTFF tonight talking about having the hiccups when you’re drunk and trying to hide it and how embarrasing it is!  LMAO man.  Good times at the retard hut, I need to work more, it just makes me laugh so much.

Ooo I just got an idea for a new stamp…


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