September 4, 2006


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:56 pm by jillaii

I hate Ashton Kutcher.  Why does he have to make new movies?  He’s a typecast idiot that acts the same in every single movie he makes, all he does is act like a fool and it’s really annoying, not funny at all.  Grr.



  1. supermarni said,

    haha, I take it you’ve seen that new movie he’s in… that lifesaving one…

  2. jillaii said,

    No! That was right after I saw the ad for it and was digusted. I won’t see it, even if it actually looked interesting which it does not, just because he’s in it. Booo Ashton Boooo!

  3. supermarni said,

    I agree. It looks… realllllllllly bad.

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