August 31, 2006

I smell fall

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:27 pm by jillaii

Fall is here! I can feel it in the air. Okay, so it’s been chilly for the past few weeks and felt like fallish. But tomorrow is September 1st; official fall decoration day. The greatest day of the year! I have been excited all week. Every year I have to wait until September 1st to break out all of my gorgeous fall decorations and when I do, it’s a fiesta. I love it! I burn pumpkin candles, dance a little, and break out my millions of orange and black deco.

Later, I make my fantastic soups. I have fall soups and they rock! Creamy squash soups, tomato tortellini, potato soups, bean soups and garlic soups! Hurray! And the drinks, oh the drinks! Warm apple cider with butter/carmel liqeur. So so fucking yummy. I’m also making raspberry cordial this year from scratch. I make some other halloweenish punches with lots of liquor too that rock. Such a lush.

Like I said, I have very little in my life. Nothing makes me happier than fall decorating.


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